Paul and Marty Law

Lodja Mission Water Project


Updated 5/23/2013: This water project has been a slow 3 1/2 year process but we have been faithful as well as the Lord and our Congolese brothers working on the dam/water project during our absence.

We are thankful for Round Rock UMC in Texas and the 'Drops of Grace' Ministry in that church. One of their goals is clean easily accessible water for the villagers. Water brings many blessings. We are blessed!

The Dam Lining up for Water
The Tower
Lining up for Water
Heading home with their water

March 2011: These photos below show that we have moved a significant amount of good clay dirt to the dam site and are in the process of building the dam in the original position.

Click on images below to view larger photos.

Logs under core Digging dam core
Loading Dirt Loading Dirt Uphill (1)
Uphill (2) Uphill (3) Downhill to site
Dumping Dumping Dumping
These photos depict the clearing at the dam site and of the stream that we were dredging to lower the water level and increase the effectiveness of the ram(s) that will be installed once the earthen dam is completed:
Dam Site Dam Site Dam Site